About Us

Advisors, Educators, & Managers

Solyco Wealth offers comprehensive financial planning and investment management services.


We advise clients on their financial pursuits, we educate clients and empower them with financial and investment knowledge, and we help actively manage their investments in alignment with their goals.


A Digitally Driven Business Model

Our aim is always to provide superb customer service. Working with a well-oiled digital system allows us to engage more with clients, improving results and satisfaction.


Solyco Wealth utilizes the best-in-class Schwab Advisor Services platform. This enables us to allocate our time to the highest value-add activities. The platform:


  • is among the largest custodian of investor assets at +$7.4 trillion;
  • is deployed by over 7,500 independent advisors;
  • streamlines account opening, trading, reporting, and security;
  • allows commission-free equity and exchange-traded fund trades; and
  • offers an expansive suite of financial products and services.
Effective & Efficient

Our services, financial planning and investment management, work harmoniously. They also can be taken on independently.


Solyco Wealth helps clients bring to focus what really matters to them, and what they really need, when shaping their financial goals. This tactical strategy yields a financial plan that is the best fit for the uniqueness of each client and their situation.


Sometimes clients already have a financial plan that is working well for them. When this is the case, we get to work achieving their financial goals through active investment management.


We are customer relationship focused and are committed to your best interests.

Price Our Services

Solyco Wealth uses a fee-only platform for financial planning. We have a standard $1,500 financial planning fee, which is subject to negotiation based on complexity level. For investment management services, there is a flat 1% rate of assets under management. Please connect with us if you have any questions or want to learn more.